Selasa, 17 Juni 2014

Removing Food Dye Stains on the Carpet

If you love cooking in your home then you surely spend some time in making your food and dishes look beautiful. The taste is not the only important thing in the food we eat as its appearance also plays a major factor in how it is perceived and appreciated. This is where food dyes can help in making your dishes and desserts look even more tasty.
Food dyes come in many different colors and can instantly improve the appearance of what you are cooking. But while it can be very beneficial in the kitchen, it is not something that you would want to spill accidentally on your carpet. This is because food dyes can create very troublesome stains on your carpet which will definitely ruin its appearance and value.
Dealing with food dye stains can be tough but thankfully it is not impossible. Check out the guide below that I have prepared to help you out in removing food dye stains on your carpet with ease.
1. Start off by acting quickly and cleaning up the food dye spill on your carpet. Do this as soon as you can so that you can prevent the dye from seeping deeper into the carpet fibers. The faster you act would mean that you will have a higher chance in removing the stain before it causes more problems.
2. Remove the spilled dye from the carpet by using a paper towel or a clean white cloth and blotting the spill. Do this until as much of the dye is removed from the carpet.
3. Next you must dilute the dye with a few drops of water. This helps in making the dye stain lighter and much easier to get rid of using the next steps. After applying the water, blot the area until it is completely dry.
4. Make a cleaning solution by combining a teaspoon of clear ammonia with a cup of warm water. The ammonia is very useful not only in cleaning and disinfecting the bathroom and floors but it is effective in removing many kinds of carpet stains. With the cleaning solution ready, proceed in applying it to the stained area and then let it set for a couple of minutes.
5. Now start blotting the dye stain repeatedly on your carpet with the use of a clean white cloth. This will slowly help in removing the stain from the carpet fibers and transfer it onto the cloth’s surface. Do this continuously until all of the food dye stain is gone.
6. Rinse the carpet portion where the stain was with a cup of cool water to help remove any residue that could get left behind. Finish everything up by drying it completely with some clean towels.

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